Find the Opportunities

Find the Opportunities


We spend an incredible amount of time planning for the perfect moment. Vast amounts of energy go waiting for the perfect lighting so we can say the perfect line so everyone will see how rad we are. Maybe you are waiting for that chick you like to drop a hint, or maybe you keep putting off getting back into dating until you lose twenty pounds.Or perhaps you are waiting for that jerk-wad at the office to take credit for your project again so you can feel totally okay with telling them off. How often do you say things like:

I will do it when

I don’t have time to

When I have done *insert task or life event here* then I will risk it.

I postulate there are no perfect moments. But there are some awesome opportunities. 

Perhaps in applying a shift in perspective you can begin to thrive in all of your moments. And in utilizing the opportunities, the moments become perfect. This week I challenge you to observe one situation you feel a bit stuck or you feel you have been putting off. And instead of approaching this situation as though it is something to be dealt with I want you to spend some time considering this as an opportunity. What would happen if you approached it this way? Would you feel less anxious in approaching other areas in this way? So for this week I would like you to find one opportunity. I want you to find one “problem” in your life currently and brainstorm how you can approach it as an opportunity. It all depends on how you perceive. I encourage you to take a small risk and change your perception a little bit.

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