Classes and Services

Classes and Services

Interested in beginning a meditation practice?
Just looking to check out a class or two?

Are you seeking a teacher for a specific style? I offer private sessions for those looking to dig a little deeper.

Thursday at 7pm we offer a completely free class!

Located in Irving off of 635 and Mararthur.

Please text at 903-272-4648 if you would like to attend.

Styles we offer


Breath Control



Guided Visualizations


Heart Rhythm Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation


     Private Training, Retreats and Classes

 One on One Learning the Ropes, Beginners Session 1 Hour – $40.00

Chakra Balancing Intensive Seminar 1 hour $30.00

One on One Advanced Meditation Instruction intensive  1 hour – $60.00

Authenticity Training – Honesty and Active Listening Intensive   1 Hour $60.00

Radical Honesty Intensive Seminar 1 hour – $60.00


Reiki Session – 1 hour – $70.00

Reiki Training – Attunements Level One through Master Level – Prices Vary on Client Needs

Chakra Balancing Instructional Intensive 1 hour $30.00

Introduction to Vipassana Intensive – 1 hour $50.00

Introduction to Zen Intensive 1 hour – $30.00

Introduction to Rudra Intensive Training 1 hour – 40.00