Active Awareness Meditation Studio

Located in Irving, Texas, located off of 635 and MarArthur, we specialize in taking what maybe you perceived as esoteric and difficult to get into it something fun and incredibly rewarding. We speak plainly and clearly about even the strangest aspects and questions are always welcome. Even if you are an advanced practitioner there is something to learn here. If you have never meditated in your life, no worries! I will teach you.
If you are one of the the many who say “I cant meditate, my mind is too chaotic.” then you are right where you need to be among the hundreds of others who have said that to me over the years.

Our goal is to make meditation accessible to those of different levels of experience.

Thursday at 7pm we offer a free class for everyone!
Located off of 635 and MarArthur.
Text us at 903-272-4648 if you have any questions or would like to attend class.

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