48 Laws of Power

48 Laws of Power

Written By:  Robert Greene

Publisher: Penguin Books; 1 edition (September 1, 2000)


The 48 Laws of Power is billed as a ruthless manual for those seeking to gain power in the world around them. Rather than viewing this as a sort of “Players Handbook” I find it to be a very self aware and compelling look into some very clever people in a historical context. There a moments in reading this where one becomes hyper aware of the laws they are currently using in ones own life or those which are being used against them, and I find that to be the most fascinating aspect of this book. Reading this is an exercise in shifting perspectives and a vital addition to anyone curious about that which motivates and drives part of our psychology.
And while I am not someone who subscribes to the idea of treating life or people like a game,( Interestingly enough Greene has a lovely insight on people such as myself who claim this perspective) this is one of the most captivating and raw depictions of human nature. No matter your philosophy I think there is something valuable to be considered here.

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